Drug and Opiate Withdrawal in Switzerland

At our international facility, we offer a rapid, gentle and discreet 5-day escape from opiate dependence based on the innovative ESCAPE-method.

Direct stimulation of the body's own opiates (endogenous morphine = endorphins), using state-of-the-art medical technology and extensive expertise, allows physical dependence to be overcome in the pleasant surroundings of a private clinic at a fixed package price.


The matchlessly convenient and rapid ESCAPE drug withdrawal programme, accompanied by specialist professionals.

We offer advice to people addicted to opiates on an individual and international basis, and we can offer an escape from this chronic problem thanks to modern and efficient concepts.

The new book

Opiate addiction is an insidious experience. It takes root quickly and unexpectedly. Those who do not succeed in escaping from this trap must deal with the consequences of addiction for the rest of their lives.

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